Brother HC1850 Computerised Sewing and Quilting Machine | Buyer’s Review

Now that you’ve turned your side role into a very well practiced hobby, and a skill that you’re in the process of mastering, you are ready to move on to a more technologically advanced model to upgrade your results as well as your stitching quality.

The diversity of the HC1850 Computerised Sewing Machine offers the flexibility to do everything from basic monogramming to creating advanced products, adding decorative stitches to clothing and craft projects too.

  • Easy process and no hassle of bobbin winding once the thread is in place.
  • The exceptional feed system helps move the fabric smoothly, for more precisely formed stitches to save time and increase productivity.
  • In addition, the drop feed system allows you to handle free-motion quilting with ease and makes the process more diverse and creative for high-end quality.
  • You can choose from the options among controlling basic sewing functions with the included foot controller and the convenient controls on the machine.
  • All in all, the advanced machine comes with an abundance of features all aimed at making the practice of sewing the most efficient for the user. Anyone that has a passion for sewing will find it as a complete sewing machine that can tackle a variety of projects, due to it’s reliable and versatile features.

The Setup

  • In case this is your first sewing machine, you’re good to go then too! For the convenience of easy use beginners, manufacturers have made sure to include 2 DVDs for the process of setting up the machine in it’s full and effective usage, making functioning simpler. It also includes stitches for every project in the initial setup.
  • Stitches are selected using the LED lighted screen and the push of a button. A chart is included on the front of the machine that lists every stitch. It also allows one to make the stitch selection within seconds so that one can start sewing quickly.

Diverse speed adjustments:

1. There are three sewing speeds offered to sew quickly through the thin material, or slowly through the thick material or difficult and diverse patterns.
2. Width: Users can adjust the width of each stitch according to their need.
3. Length: The length of each stitch can be adjusted the same way.

  • The adjustments allow you to start sewing with private customization all along. The materials ensure that the advanced machine puts you into control for all your projects and designs.
  • In case you’re a beginner or don’t sew often, the smooth and comfortable accessories will make the skill a lot easier for you, making it very simple. It also provides a 25-year protection under Brother’s warranty too.
  • Brother HC1850 is a perfect example of a middle range model that is flexible enough to manage various jobs and still basic enough for a beginner to operate, which focusing on versatility and flexibility.

Why choose this machine?

Brother HC1850 sewing machine is a completely professional sewing machine with large LCD screen display that lets one choose and adjust the options until you get the stitch that’s absolutely perfect for you. Apart from the technologically advanced features, the HC1850’s extendable table provides enough sewing area for sewing extremely larger pieces of cloth or simply incredible quality quilting, as well as any other material for smooth use.

Who should use the Brother HC1850?

  • Both the categories of experienced and beginner sewers have found the Brother HC1850 sewing machine a reliable and efficient tool for their stitching purposes as a hobby and professionally.
  • Brother HC1850 is impressively heavy on useful features but incredibly lightweight, convenient and ultimate choice of students as they could easily carry the machine to fashion classes. It has been a go-to machine for mobile sewers and fashion designers due to its great portability and storage features as well.

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