Review of Brother JX2517 Lightweight Sewing Machine

You might have gained an intermediate, or even an advanced level in stitching, thanks to your passion. However, the beginners in this field require to start from scratch, with the same amount of dedication, and a user-friendly machine to begin with. In such a case. manual machines come in handy more than the advanced and computerized ones.

If you are looking for a lightweight, full-size sewing machine that works great for simple repairs and mending, then one such machine; the JX2517 from brother is right for you.

The model is great for basic and everyday use since it comes with all the simple features and accessories that you might require in a basic machine.


  •  Not only this machine is ideal for beginners in this field, but also contains a ton of features in order to make it easy to use. Some of the major features include:
  • Contains 17 Built-in Stitches. 
  • In addition, it  consists of AanAutomatic 4-step Buttonhole
  • Includes 38 stitch functions
  • The machine carries perfectly lit LED work area for time convenience.

Included Accessories with Brother JX2517:

Buttonhole foot, Button Sewing foot, Zipper foot, Zigzag foot, Needle set, bobbin, darning plate, oval screwdriver, power cord and Operation Manual along with an included Foot Controller.
The JX2517 handles basic sewing and mending chores while offering exceptional ease of use at relatively reasonable cost.
This model is lightweight and thus highly portable. It is also relatively small measuring and can easily be stored away in a cabinet.

Does JX2517 come with a LED Light?

To counter the problem of the overhead arm casting a shadow over the needle, Brother has equipped this machine with a LED light underneath the arm which shines directly on the needle and stitching area. This will help those who have trouble seeing what they are sewing beneath the upper arm.

Features of Bobbin:

Bobbin Winder:

Firstly, this model makes it easy for anyone to wind a bobbin with their particular color of thread.

Top Drop- In Bobbin:

Second, it comes with Brother’s Quick-Set top drop-in bobbin once you have your bobbin threaded and ready to use. By placing the bobbin in the machine and guiding the bobbin thread through the guide, the machine is ready for your stitches.

Plastic bobbin cover:

Third, with a translucent plastic cover over the bobbin, you will be able to see exactly when you are running low on thread. This helps you plan ahead between stitches should you need to reload the bobbin.

Does it come with thread cutter?

Brother also included a convenient feature in the machine along the left side of the upper arm is a small razor. Instead of having to reach for the scissors every time you finish a stitch, one just needs to drag the thread over the cutter for a smooth, even cut off the thread, in order to save time and

In addition, Brother has also included a removable flatbed attachment while sewing sleeves and cuffs. These kinds of stitches can be difficult if the lower sewing arm is too large or not appropriately sized.

What are the different stitches offered on this model?

Brother included all the basic stitch types that any beginner would need to use in performing the most common sewing applications.

Straight Stitches:

Six different lengths of straight stitches for use on a wide variety of fabrics and styles. These six basic straight stitches will account for most of the situations the beginner will need.

ZigZag Stitches:

The zigzag stitches come n handy if one is sewing stretchy fabrics or decorative stitches, the JX2517 comes with different zigzag stitches to fit your particular need. The three different zigzag stitches are all of the same basic forms but will give you three different sizes.

4 Step buttonhole:

In addition, a 4 step buttonhole is included too. 4-steps to sew a buttonhole may sound a lot of work, but one will be able to sew proper buttonholes with easy four step process once one gets the hang of it with over practice time.

Blind Hem Stitch:

For those wanting to keep their hems neat, this model includes a blind hem stitch that hides any stitches on the inside. The blind hem can be tricky and takes some time to perfect, so with a little amount of practice on this machine, one will be able to master a challenging stitch type.

Why should you buy BrotherJX251?

Brother includes four basic accessory feet with this model. Two of these, the buttonhole foot and the button sewing foot will make it easy to take care of your most of the button needs. In case one is looking for wider variety options and applications, one can also purchase additional feet accessories.

In Summary:
  • Affordable: A machine with an extremely reasonable price for the category of beginners.
  • Weight: Very lightweight and easy to transport. Portability and storing is never a problem.
  • Ease of use: The machine comes with a really handy DVD that shows you with very clear videos and instructions how to use the basic functions of the machine. A value factor is added bu the user-friendly features.
  • Performance: A quick and smooth working machine, offering frustration free performance for all levels of stitching.
  • Diversity: The machine consists of a lot of great options and makes the versatility of the machine extremely usable for a diverse kind of population.

All in all, the machine stands inexpensive, fast and productive. It is small enough to tuck into a closet when you have company and has a super convenient handle for carrying.


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