Review of Brother SE400 Computerised Sewing Machine

Now that you have surpassed the beginner’s stage, it is time to go advanced. It is generally advised to upgrade to better and technologically advanced machines, once you have your basic concept clear as well as your sewing foundation strong. It is wise to buy a complex sewing machine when you already know how to work on complex and more intricately detailed sewing projects. An expensive and complicated sewing machine is ideal for you if you are able to design and customize basic and intermediate level sewing designs as well as able to deliver good quality products.

An advanced and computerized sewing machine can not only enhance your skills in order to take up the skill professionally but also accelerate your technical tricks and hacks in sewing efficiently.

Promising a high and good quality finish in your most complicated projects, the Brother SE400 is the perfect advanced and computerized machine for your use.


  • Includes advanced computerized as well as embroidery functions in order to sew as well as quilt.
  • The machine comes with an LCD display which provides an HD display of the designs and features which are accessible through it.
  • Being computerized, the machine gains access to computerized connectivity and the feature of importing various designs from for the past and future references.
  • Comes with an automatic thread cutter feature for cutting your bobbin without hassle.

Brother SE400: Quick Glance

  • The Brother SE400 Sewing Machine model comes with a huge variety of accessories to compliment the advanced features of the machine.
  • It includes an Embroidery arm, a Soft cover, a 4 x 4 Embroidery Hoop, a convenient arm accessory compartment for convenience, an instruction manual, a USB cable for attachment and a Power cord. The accessory bag consists of needle sets, seam ripper, a cleaning brush and tools like screwdrivers and
  • Apart from the physical accessories, the machine also carries built in features of more than 70 embroidery designs, 100 and or more frame pattern combinations and embroidery lettering fonts in order to provide the user with a comprehensive convenience of designing their

Accessory Feet

Apart from the included accessories, the machine provides a variety of accessory feet, comprising of Overcasting foot, Zipper and Button fitting foot, a Monogramming foot for advanced projects as well as a blind stitch and Embroidery foot for complicated sewing too.

The LCD Display

In addition, it consists of an advanced LCD display, featuring more than 60 sewing stitches as well as a huge collection of built-in embroidery designs and lettering fonts as well. This makes it the ideal computerized machine for sewers to exercise a variety of styles with projects.

It comes with a touch-screen feature and design editing features, which can be practiced on both low and high-quality projects.It is also possible to watch tutorials on the same display, which makes it extremely reliable.


Computer Connectivity

Designed and customized as a computerized machine, the features allow the machine to be connected effectively to computers through USB cables, in order to transfer designs, as well as practise the mobility of other requirements, into the sewing machine itself. This feature makes the machine extremely efficient in its technology.

LED Backlit Working Station

The brightly lit workplace in the sewing machine allows the user to effectively work on projects, without any hindrances of casting shadows as well as hurdles of low light. The user is able to properly view each detail due to the highly lit light over the workplace.

Bobbin and Thread Features

Comprising of the most advanced bobbin and thread features, the machine includes an automatic one touch needle threader for user convenience. The simple bobbin preparation, without any hassle, is a big advantage too.
The easy wind-up and automatic features of the Bobbin make the user’s work easy, after a long project.
In addition, in order to avoid looking for the bobbin thread, the machine includes the feature of Quick-set drop-in Bobbin as well as a jam resistant technology for the same.


Why buy the Brother SE400 Sewing Machine ?

  • Affordability- The proficient computerized machine, designed for advanced and professional sewers comes at an extremely affordable price, in order to efficiently make you upgrade from your old sewing machine and conveniently fits into the budget.
  • Performance – Providing high-quality performance as well as a fine finishing to the projects of the user, the sewing machine promises to deliver a polished look to all pieces of the sewer.
  • Portability- Being lightweight and portable, the machine is very mobile to move to places as well as store in cupboards too.
  • Versatility- The computerized machine allows one to digitize the designs they want to sew. It also includes assorted accessories as well as advanced features for your home decor as well as apparel projects. Being extremely rich in features and digitalisation of the craft, it provides a variety of engagement, all at one place.
  • Warranty- The machine comes with a 25-year limited warranty.



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