Review of Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

Being a beginner in sewing requires a lot of patience as well as dedication. Learning the basics and making your foundation strong is an essential part of beginning to sew. However, one of the main requirements is a good and durable sewing machine, which helps you accelerate your journey in the craft. It is important to note that buying a complex and expensive sewing machine at initial stages may lead you to skip essential steps and tricks which are required to be learned for an effective skill and good quality craftsmanship.

In order to eliminate the same concern, we have got you a minimal and durable beginner sewing machine for the best way for developing your sewing skills.

The Brother XM2701 lightweight sewing machine has been designed in a minimalistic way in order to make it the ideal machine for initial stage sewers.


  • Being extremely versatile in nature, it covers a diverse range of sewing projects.
  • The machine is designed for being easy to use for a beginner in the art of sewing.
  • It also comes fully equipped with decorative, as well as a variety of stretch and zigzag stitches.
  • The LED lit up area makes for a convenient workplace for the user.
  • In addition, it includes built-in threaders and an anti-jam drop in bobbin function for smooth functionality.

Features Included with the Brother XM2701

  • 27 built-in stitches, and customized and designed buttonholes.
  • Features of quick-change sewing feet, buttonhole, zippers, narrow hemmer, and advanced button sewing feet.
  • Also, includes instructional DVD as well as a functionality manual for perfect guidance and effective usage.
  • The machine comes with an automatic bobbin winding system for saving time and effort of the user.
  • The Built-in free arm provides ease of use while stitching up pants and sleeves.
  • Extra Accessories- Twin needles, 3 piece needle set, screwdriver, spool, bobbins, Power chord, darning plate, Instructional manual with a DVD and a 25year

Bobbin Features:

Automatic Bobbin Winder 
In order to save up the efforts and time of the user, the machine comes with this automatic feature in order to make it easy for the bobbin to get winded up with the same colour thread.

Quick-Top Drop-In Bobbin
As soon as the bobbin is threaded and is ready to use, you can guide the thread through it in order to start the process of sewing.

LED Light

This advanced feature in the minimalistic machine makes for an essential and great workplace for the user, in order to counter the problem of the shadow that is cast by the arm of the user over the needle while working. The LED light, placed under the arm is responsible for reflecting directly on the stitching area. This feature helps the user locate their project stitches more efficiently than before.


Stitch Features

The technologically advanced machine comes with a variety of stitches, which vary in a diverse range. The machine comes with a variety of stitches like Stretch and Zig-zag as well as Straight stitches in order to provide a comprehensive tool kit to the user.

Accessory Feet

In addition, the machine includes 6 Accessory Feet for the better usage and a long time durability as well as variety of provision for the customer. The Feet include the Zipper foot, Blind stitch foot, Button fitting foot, Narrow Hemmer foot, ZigZag foot as well as the Buttonhole foot.


Why purchase the Brother XM2701 at a Glance ?

The versatile sewing machine is not only responsible for making your sewing process extremely simple but is also the ideal machines for beginners as well as intermediates in the skill. With its attractive design, lightweight portability, and storage convenience, it makes for a convenient home sewing machine. In addition, it also comes with a variety of accessories with no special need to purchase extra ones. It can also handle a variety of sewing projects, as well as advanced ones too.

Reasonable – Designed for beginners, the machine comes at an extremely affordable price.

Mobility- The Brother XM2701 is also convenient for portability from one place to the other.

Diversity – Comes with beginners as well as advanced level accessories and feature for a better working experience.

Working- With an efficient work ethic, the machine provides a smooth and fast performance for a good user-experience.

Warranty – The machine comes with a 25-year limited warranty.


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