Review of Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

After being an intermediate and strong in your foundation as a sewer, upgrading to a newer and better sewing machine is always a good decision. However, not everyone is able to target a highly advanced computerized sewing machine due to various reasons. In such a situation, mechanical sewing machines are an ideal solution.

Being a step further from basic sewing machines, but easier to use then highly complex computerized machines, mechanical sewing machines are perfect for sewers who wish to upgrade their level and develop advanced skills, by reaching higher on the scale of complexity of projects.

The Janome 2212 Sewing Machine offers a limitless amount of creativity and innovation to be practiced at a one stop station.


  • The machine comes with a simple use dial for the selection of patterns.
  • Includes a drop feed in order to offer a free motion for quilting and sewing.
  • The machine also carries the features of length and width adjustments for user convenience.
  • Apart from the advanced features, it also includes attachments and accessories for a better user experience.
  • Contains manual control as well as automatic features for a comprehensive provision.

Features of Janome 2212

Apart from the extremely comfortable features, 2212 comes with user-friendly physical equipment and accessories, including Bobbin, foot control, buttonhole feet, dust covers, a seam ripper, a convenient needle set, a blind foot, a screwdriver, and toolkit, along with a zipper foot.


In addition to the physical accessories and attachments, the machine also carries a bunch of extra features to complement it’s customized style. Extra attachments include more than 10 stitches, 5 piece feed dog, the feature of snap-on presser feet for user comfort, oscillating hook bobbin, and extremely user-friendly features for the bobbin.

Bobbin Features

Automatic Bobbin Winder feature allows the sewer to gain more convenience and less hassle while saving the time and effort during any complex project.
In addition, the oscillating hook bobbin is also an extra convenient specification made for eliminating any extra hindrances in the complications of the sewing project.


Stitch Features

The stitch features of the Janome 2212 include a Stitch Chart which allows you to choose from 12 built in stitches.
The Stitch Selector Dial fitted in the piece makes it convenient for the user to choose the options among clearly labeled stitches.
The Stitch Adjustment features are also customizable according to the needs of the user.


Additional Features

The Free arm, along with the front loading bobbin and the manual tension control, a needle threading system in order to improve the functionality of the machine. The reverse lever included in the mechanics allows the user to lock stitches effectively. Thread stretching tensions and adjustments are also possible
with this advanced mechanical machine.


Why buy the Janmone 2212 Sewing Machine ?

  • Affordability- Despite its technologically advanced features, the Janome 2212 comes at an extremely reasonable price in order to fit into your purchasing budget for the up gradation of equipment.
  • Persistence- The Sewing machine offers an extreme pattern of consistency in its high-quality performance, to offer a fine and polished finished to your projects.


  • Mobility- Being very lightweight, the Janome sewing machine is extremely easy to carry around and is easily portable.
  • Versatility- Equipped with a whole lot of features, accessories, and attachments, the Janome 2212 is a comprehensive beginner and intermediate machine to handle even your most complex projects without any hassle.
  • Warranty- Guarantees a 25-year limited Warranty.





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