Review of Janome HD1000 Industrial Grade Sewing Machine

Have you recently decided to upgrade to a better sewing machine to an advanced one, or buy a completely new one? There are certain specifications which are a necessity in the features included in the machine.

Apart from being extremely well and smooth functioning, it is required to be extremely durable and sturdy in order to provide an efficient user experience too. It would also make a good investment if the machine comes with attached accessories for making it a comprehensive workplace for the sewer.

The Janome HD1000 Industrial Grade sewing machine is a heavy-duty, one-stop station for beginner and intermediate sewers, who like their machines to be very tough, as well as strong based. With a wide variety of easy to use features, the machine makes an ideal equipment for the sewers who would like to work on intermediate as well as advanced projects, for effective pattern making as well as repairing old and rugged pieces too.

The Janome machine offers high-quality creative projects and the tools needed to work on the same too.


  • The Sewing machine comes with a durable Aluminium frame in order to provide a sturdy base and a tough framework to the piece.
  • Customized for a range of sewers, the machine is very simple to use, with a powerful motor facility as well.
  • Apart from sewing normal projects, it contains the ability of quilting as well.
  • The outer-body of the machine tool is designed, keeping in mind a sturdy material and fine quality.

Included with the Janome HD1000 Machine

The machine does not come as a sole piece. Apart from the high-quality piece, the packaging offers a variety of attachments and accessories like Hard covers, Presser feet, sets of Needles and more. All the threading, needle and feet functions have also been made very easy for user-convenience and a comfortable sew in each project.


Bobbin Features

The advanced Bobbin system of the machine is designed to give the customer a perfect user interface. It also includes an automatic bobbin-winder feature to increase the comfort for the sewer, while working on advanced projects.

Stitch Features

With a built-in needle threader, the machine comes with many 14 stitches and a One-step buttonhole feature, to provide the ease of effort to the sewer during for them to concentrate directly on their project. Apart from this, it also includes a built-in needle threader in order to save the time and effort of the user, by quickly connecting the thread with the needle, within seconds.
The stitch features also include a straight and well as a zig-zag feature to offer variety to the user.

Accessories Included

For an enjoyable and tension-free experience for the user, the machine comes with a diverse range of attachable and extra accessories too. It includes 14 stitches along with a 4-step buttonhole, Built-in needle threader, stitch selection dials, hard-sided covers, drop feed feature for a free motion during sewing, high-pressure foot lifter, manual thread tension control system, vertical and oscillating hook bobbin and more advanced features too.


Presser Feet

The machine contains a range of press feet, including General Purpose foot, zipper, blind hemming foot, and a sliding foot too.

Extra Features

In addition to its advanced specifications, the sewing machine contains loads of other features too, in order to handle thicker and heavier range of fabrics too. These include drop-free motion sewing and quilting, removable storage compartments in order to convert the machine into the free arm. In order to keep the machine indifferent from the kind of fabric being sewen, it includes a 3-piece feed dog system for a high pile of fabrics and quilting.


The advanced and fine quality machine comes at an extremely reasonable cost, not burning a hole in your pocket.



The hard based industrial grade machine is an advancement from your old one, while providing you with an extremely high-end featured-pice, keeping the ability to tackle a wide variety of fabrics and projects, without hassle.


Guarantees a 25-year limited warranty for the sewing machine.


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