7 Reasons teenagers should learn Sewing

Sewing has a rather stereotypical condition attached to it, portrayed and interpreted as a skill used by the old ones.

This misinterpretation leads us to believe that the skill is not something we would be having the need to implement at home beyond the 21st century due to the vast amount of technology available for the same.
However, what we do not take into consideration are the advantages attached to the activity, hugely beneficial if learned at a young age, virtuously passed down to teenagers.

So why should teenagers learn how to sew?

The concept of a hassle, the overwhelming thoughts of the thread and the needle, the fabrics, intricate detailing and the whole process brings them to a halt and prevents them from pursuing it.
A majority of teenagers are unaware of the amount of skill set they would gain through learning and practicing sewing in their everyday lives.
Rather than taking it as a chore which can be outsourced and completed within a few hours, young adults can take up the responsibility to develop this skill which can help them in the following ways;

1. Boosting Creativity:
Teenagers all around the globe are in the process of developing and finding their niche. In a situation like this, a wave of creativity through a hands-on practical creative hobby could be a huge performance booster. In cases of costume parties, projects, or even prom, sewing can be of great use. In addition, the creation would always be unique, which is not quite the case with a brand containing many copies of the same product.

2. Not Being Broke: There always exists a situation where teenagers have the two major factors required in life, time and energy, but lack on the financial aspect. In a scenario like this, saving up and spending thousands on shopping, repair, alterations of clothes and fabrics seems inappropriate. Sewing consumes the required factors of time and energy, thus saving you up on the money part. The craftsmanship through knowledge of fabrics and sewing will help you better, saving you money for some more shopping!

3. Reducing Stress: No one is unaware of the amount of stress loathing over in the lives of teenagers. To help break through the constant pestering, overthinking, anger and raging hormones, a calm, soothing, and achievable activity is an ideal solution to the hurdle. The feeling of accomplishment after a new creation through sewing can help reset the levels of them mind and encourage creativity.

4. Eco-friendly: Incase of being an eco-friendly and environment savvy enthusiast, you can use your skill set in reducing the supplies to massive factories and industries, doing your part of the environment, by sourcing fabrics from green manufacturers, using eco-friendly dyes and practicing your own alterations to clothes and fabrics.

5. Entrepreneurship: The skill sets of this art can also be used professionally, leading on to form a business or a profession out of the same, if the interest of the teenager is prolonged in the field, helping them pursue their creative side as the job they love.

6. Exclusivity: Many young adults like to be uniquely and exclusively dressed for events, wanting to look apart from the crowd. Their skills in garment construction, along with their out of the box creative designs provide them with the opportunity to do so as well.

7. Dedication and Patience: Like any other hobby, Sewing is an art which consumes time and energy to be perfect at. This activity teaches the young adults how to be dedicated and patient with the product, in order to form it with perfection, and create a product of their own, with a sense of accomplishment, which can help them in forming values of persistence along the way.

So, in a culture that values convenience, a bit of hassle and a hugely advantageous skill wouldn’t hurt.

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